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Downhill Skiing

The Grand Park lifestyle is a little different for everyone. For many, it’s all about outdoor recreation—heading up the road to Winter Park Ski Resort, one of North America’s most loved ski resorts, cross-country skiing right out the back door or driving a golf ball just a little farther at a higher elevation.

Family at Grand Park

For some, Grand Park is a place to reconnect with family and friends. It is here that parents and grandparents teach their kids to ski, to cast a fly for the first time or how to make the perfect s’more. They introduce them to the great outdoors and the thrill of seeing a herd of moose, a fox catching his dinner, or a woodpecker making his presence known.

Fly Fishing in the Fraser River

For others, it’s a reprieve from the chores of day-to-day life. The wooded trails and open spaces are ideal places to clear your head, let the creativity flow and remember what’s life’s all about. And if that’s not enough, a beautiful full-service spa, many unique restaurants and three wine tasting rooms are just a stone’s throw away.

However, the part that everyone seems to enjoy the most is the combination of all these things in the people who live here. They appreciate the open spaces and one another. They share their experiences and believe the best lifestyle is a healthy, active one that involves family, friends and community.

The Grand Park lifestyle is about enjoying life to the fullest in whatever way you choose.